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How does Flamigel® work?   | How to use

Frequently asked questions about Flamigel®

How to use


Flaminal Hydro Enzym Alginogel moderately exuding wounds Flaminal Forte Enzym Alginogel heavily exuding wounds
How do I use Flamigel®?

  • Wash your hands before and after treating the wound.
  • Clean and dry the wound gently before applying Flamigel.
  • For superficial burns and minor wounds (grazes, cuts,..): Carefully apply Flamigel® to the wound without rubbing once or twice per day. If necessary cover the wound with Flamigel® with a plaster or dressing. In this case change daily only. In case of sunburn you can apply Flamigel® up to six times per day without covering with a secondary dressing to reduce pain and peeling (desquamation).
  • For superficial open wounds: Apply a thick layer of Flamigel® (5 mm) to the wound minimizing contact with the wound edges. Cover Flamigel® with a sterile non-adhesive dressing and fix with a gauze or bandage. Leave Flamigel® in place as long as the gel structure is intact. Renew Flamigel® when it has disappeared. When the wound is closing only apply a thin layer of Flamigel®. If necessary, protect the wound edges.

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How does Flamigel® work?   | How to use
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