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How does Flamigel® work?   | How to use

Frequently asked questions about Flamigel®

How to use


Flaminal Hydro Enzym Alginogel moderately exuding wounds Flaminal Forte Enzym Alginogel heavily exuding wounds
What are the advantages of Flamigel®?

Flamigel® helps to heal wounds faster. Flamigel® creates an optimal moist healing environment as it hydrates dry wounds and absorbs excess of exudate from wet wounds. Moist wounds heal faster
Flamigel® cushions the wound. Flamigel® builds a semi-permeable (non-occlusive) film on the wound which allows oxygen and vapor to pass through and prevents build-up of an anaerobic environment on the wound.
Flamigel® reduces the likelihood of scarring.
Flamigel® reduces the incidence of moist desquamation when your skin is treated with radiotherapy and delays its occurrence should it still occur.

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How does Flamigel® work?   | How to use
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