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How does Flamigel® work?   | How to use

Frequently asked questions about Flamigel®

How does Flamigel® work?

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  1. What is Flamigel®?

  2. On which type of wounds can I use Flamigel®?

  3. What is the antibacterial effect of Flamigel®?

  4. Why it is better to have no crust on the wound? To keep the wound moist?

  5. Does a moist wound get more easily infected than a dry wound?

  1. What are the advantages of Flamigel®?

  2. What is the effect of Flamigel® when used during radiotherapy treatment?

  3. How does Flamigel reduce scarring®?

  4. Why should I use Flamigel®?

How does Flamigel® work?   | How to use
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