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Research at Flen Health

All products are the result of in-house development. It all began in the nineties, when Philippe Sollie, pharmacist and founder of Flen, started working on the formulation of a wound healing product, Flamigel, that would effectively heal the burns of his daughter’s friend who was allergic to the then existing treatments.

Our research develops patented technologies that effectively meet the patient’s need.

Throughout all projects our R&D team puts the needs of patients at the center. Patient-centered research at Flen Health means continuously engaging with the patient, and permanently endeavoring to help him to meet those needs.

Flen Health's research focuses on improving quality of life of patients that suffer from topical inflammatory and infectious disorders through the development and marketing of effective, safe and affordable products in close cooperation with the patient and with the health care provider. We are supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI).

Clinical Research

Results of the clinical investigations and clinical studies with our products can be found in journal articles or medical congress posters. You will find abstracts and poster titles under the scientific abstracts tab on this site.

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